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Ewaste >> Australia's leading electronic waste recycler
1800ewaste is a leading ewaste collection and recycling service in an area with massive environmental implications. Computer recycling is important to the environment as computers are kept out of landfill and illegal overseas export and are recycled properly for the environment. 1800ewaste will collect and recycle all of the electronic products they collect and recycle 95-98% by weight. All of the data on the computers and laptops which are recycled can be guaranteed that is destroyed and certificates will be issued.

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Make sure you dispose of you electronic waste responsibly - use a reputable ewaste disposal firm to ecycle and ensure that your old electronics do not live to haunt future generations.

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"1300RUBBISH is hands on rubbish removal for your home or office, where we load and sweep up your rubbish, you don't lift a finger. We arrive in a clean rubbish removal truck and give an up-front quote for the rubbish what you want removed. "

A resposible rubbish removal firm that make a sincere effort to recycle whatever they can out of the rubbish collections. Here are the areas they currently operate:
- 1300Rubbish Sydney
- 1300Rubbish Melbourne
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- 1300Rubbish Adelaide
- 1300Rubbish Brisbane
- 1300Rubbish Perth

Very reasonably priced and keeps recyclable material out of landfill.
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Strip out service for office, commercial and factory stripout

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0800rubbish - UK rubbish removals
There is an opportunity to be a part of the 0800RUBBISH rubbish removals business in the United Kingdom. The Gill Brothers who own and operate the 1300rubbish removal business in Australia want to expand into the UK market and are looking for a local partner/ partners to join them. Web:

Tip Talk >> Demolition | Excavation | Earth Moving | Contracting
Tip Talk was established in 1983. It is family owned and run business specializing in waste management, earth moving demolition and contracting.

  • Sydney Demolition
  • Sydney Excavation
  • Construction Contracting
  • Landscaping
  • Roadworks
  • Fencing
  • Concreting
  • Project management
  • Commercial Stripouts
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    CreationGate >> Carbon neutral Graphic design and website design studio
    CreationGate is a boutique graphic design and web design studio based in Sydney whose objective is to provide complete design and marketing solutions.
    Services offered include:
    - Graphic design (print, packaging, advertising, electronic)
    - Web design and development
    - Bulk email services
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    CreationGate customers enjoy superior design, value and service. Customers include major consumer and B2B companies through to small businesses.


    I RECYCLE is proudly brought to you by 1300RUBBISH. Hands on Rubbish Removal.
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    Why the difference in Recycling collection systems?

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